Strength And Conditioning

Training Philosophy

At SDSC we believe in simple and effective training that is progressive, goal-driven, scientifically-based, and personalized for every client. We also believe that excellent trainers go above and beyond simply taking you through the motions: A good coach will instruct you, but a great coach will educate you. Our trainers are highly skilled in technique, timely cues, and customized programming, and will keep you motivated every day to achieve your personal best in strength, power, performance, and health.

Your Custom Program Includes 

  • Technical Assessment
  • Strength And Conditioning Evaluation
  • Nutrition Advisment
  • Unlimited Email Correspondence With Your Coach

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Suggested Readings

  • For Barbell Technique- Starting Strength By Mark Rippetoe
  • For Simple And Effective Strength Programming- 5/3/1 By Jim Wendler
  • For Old School Physical Culture- The Way to Live By George Hackenschmidt
  • For Calisthenics- Dinosaur Bodyweight Training By Brooks Kubik