San Diego Strength and Conditioning

Can I work out at SDSC if I’m a beginner?

Absolutely! SDSC works from the ground up, which means we meet you where you are right now in your strength and conditioning journey. Your programming is customized to your needs, goals, and abilities.

So how does the schedule work?

SDSC offers all members 24 hour gym access via keycard as well as 3 supervised training days per week. This gives you the flexibility to train when your schedule demands, but the opportunity to have hands-on technical coaching 3 days per week directly from a coach.

How is SDSC different from a traditional gym?

When you walk in the doors at your average 24 hour or LA Fitness, you often feel lost… and without specific programming and hands-on instruction, you’ll probably keep feeling that way, no matter how long your membership runs.

At SDSC, no one is lost. Everyone knows three things: what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where they need to improve to get there. Whether it’s a 400-lb deadlift, a BJJ championship win, or a PST, every goal has its own customized plan that gets the client where they need to be. This is where you go to get real results with attentive coaching from experienced lifters, a great sense of community and a low monthly cost without contracts or big-gym sales pressure.

How is strength training different from conditioning training?

At SDSC, strength training refers to methods of training that increase the body’s ability to produce force and power. This requires repeatedly challenging the body to produce high amounts of force or power by lifting heavy things and increasing weight over time. This results in a more efficient nervous system, which contracts muscles faster, harder, and with better coordination.

Conditioning, on the other hand, refers to the body’s ability to repeat efforts and movement (like jogging or jumping) – both aerobic and anaerobic. This requires repeatedly challenging the body with volume and intensity of cardiovascular exercise. This results in an increased density of mitochondria, increased cardiac stroke volume, improved ability to buffer blood lactate, and an increased ability to sustain higher percentages of power and strength.

Essentially, strength training focuses on force capacity, and conditioning focuses on sustained power output, but both compliment each other.

Is SDSC like Crossfit?

SDSC focuses on strength and conditioning, which is similar in principle to crossfit. However, there are two key differences: We focus heavily on technique and on safety. All programming is personalized. Our strength training is based on careful science, and involves heavy weight and long rests – not burpees and sprints between sets. We never suggest image2-everglowcompetitive heavy lifting for time, because it’s not worth the high rate of injury. Nothing is cookie-cutter here, which allows every client to progress toward their personal best at their own pace. We are here to push and educate you – but not to break you.

Does SDSC offer powerlifting?

While SDSC is not a powerlifting gym, we do train the powerlifts as part of our strength and conditioning programs. A powerlifting gym focuses on maximizing performance in a powerlifting meet- how much you can total (squat, dead, bench). SDSC prepares people to build strength in these movements, but also in overhead pressing, pullups, chinups, sled pushes, weighted carries and much more. The core concept focuses on overall strength and a well-rounded physical capability to reach personal peaks of achievement in strength and conditioning.

Does SDSC offer specialized combat training?

SDSC training is ideal for armed forces and other tactical athletes. We focus on increasing the efficiency of the nervous system as well as increasing the size of the contractile components of the muscle – making you better, faster, stronger, and smarter in the way you move and move weight.

Conditioning is all about work capacity. The goal is to amplify your body’s ability to handle an increased volume or intensity of work in the targeted metabolic pathway. This method of approach used by our personal trainers, along with unique, personalized training plans based on combat scenarios has made us the go-to for many of California’s finest cops, marines, navy, swat, special forces and operations, and other branches.