San Diego Strength and Conditioning (SDSC)

At San Diego Strength and Conditioning (SDSC) we offer private and semi private training at our custom training facility. This allows us to design and implement a personalized strength and conditioning program. Whether you are just looking to get fit, or a competitive athlete looking to get the edge over your competition, we will keep you motivated, working hard and reaping the rewards

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SDSC’s open gym offers a unique blend of personalized training in a small group setting. This allows us to deliver the highest quality service in a friendly and supportive group environment. All of our members get one-on-one coaching, personalized programming, and every session is supervised by an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

We offer flexible hours, competitive rates, and never require contracts.


How is SDSC different from a traditional gym?

    When you walk in the doors at your average 24 hour or LA Fitness, you often feel lost… and without specific programming and hands-on instruction, you’ll probably keep feeling that way, no matter how long your membership runs.

At SDSC, no one is lost. Everyone knows three things: what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where they need to improve to get there. Whether it’s a 400-lb deadlift, a BJJ championship win, or a PST, every goal has its own customized plan that gets the client where they need to be. This is where you go to get real results with attentive coaching from experienced lifters, a great sense of community and a low monthly cost without contracts or big-gym sales pressure.

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